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Spanish Rules

Eligibility and Registration

The Campbell Lamont Golf Leagues are open to all societies or clubs throughout Spain, who have a minimum of twelve players.
This will be a league-based stableford competition commencing 1st April and finishing 31st March each year, using a maximum of twelve of your existing society or club fixtures.

Entry will be free to all competitors.

Registering your league must be made via the website. Registration is a “step by step” process, which is simple to use. If you have any problems in doing this then just send us an email:
League captains must provide 

each players name

 and email address when registering your league to enable all players to receive the updates of your league after each fixture. No other emails will be sent to your players unless requested by them.

League Rules

Throughout the competition period, each league captain will select a minimum of four and a maximum of twelve stableford/medal competitions.

  • The competition is open to all of your members with handicaps of 0 – 28 (male) & 0 -36 (female).
  • ‘Qualifying’ players are those who complete a minimum of four competitions.
  • To qualify for the regional finals there must be a minimum of twelve “qualified” players in the league that have played in the minimum of four competitions.
  • For the regional finals the two top league players, determined from the best four accumulated stableford points, will go forward to the regional finals.
  • Captains are requested to maintain their league tables after each competition by updating the scores on the website which will take a matter of minutes.
  • In the event of a tie the lower handicap player wins. CL Golf “League Committee” will form the disciplinary body to which all complaints will be addressed. The Rules of Golf as defined by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews will form the parameters under which the leagues are played. In all matters the committee’s decision is final.


In order to protect the integrity of the competition and provide a level playing field for all players, clubs/societies entering the compeition in Spain must operate a handicapping system that conforms to the published European Golf Association (EGA)

It is considered that handicapping at clubs/societies will fall into one of the categories below:

Spanish Federation
Societies using the Handicap Master System (EGA version) or similar.

If there is any doubt or uncertainty regarding handicaps or systems and procedures, the advice of Campbell Lamont Golf should be sought in the first instance.


At the end of the competition season, the top two players will come together as a pair to represent their society/club at the regional finals, which will be held in five regions of Spain. The top sixteen pairs in Europe will gain entry to the Grand Finals. The selection system will be a pro-rata basis, based on the total amount of entries per region. The format during the regional final will be Stableford Pairs Better Ball; the cost of the green fees at the regional finals will be at the players’ own expense, however, CL Golf will endeavor to subsidize these green fees as much as possible.

The sixteen winning societies/clubs from the Spanish Regional and European National Finals will progress to the Grand Final and play over two days to provide the overall winner in a Four-Ball Matchplay format. The date set for the Grand Final is 8-11 June 2018.

The Grand Final weekend will include four rounds of golf and three nights’ accommodation at the Denia La Sella Golf Resort & Spa which includes a welcome and presentation dinner at no cost to individual players.

Regional Finals:

In the event of a tie, the lowest combined handicap pair wins. The maximum allowed handicap at the Regional Finals is 24 for men and 28 for women + slope.

Grand Finals: 

The maximum shots received by any player will be 18 shots (1 shot per hole). The maximum allowed handicap at the Grand Finals is 24 for men and 28 for women + slope.


Prizes will be awarded to all players based on their finishing position. The winning pair will be awarded the top prize along with the winner’s trophy.