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Campbell Lamont, a Scottish Golf Professional arrived in Spain in 2007 and quickly established that there was a need for a competitive amateur competition that involved golfers of all nationalities, given that Spain has one of the most multi-cultural communities in the world.


If you have a group of golfers with more than twelve players and play in a minimum of four handicap qualifying games then you are eligible to enter. All you have to do is produce your best two players who will go forward to the regional or national finals competing against the best handicap players in your country to win a place at the Grand Final at La Sella Golf Resort.

Over the last eight years, Campbell has witnessed the league format grow throughout all regions of Spain covering many different nationalities and it is still growing. In 2018 the league format has been established within Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England and Iceland. We have now opened the doors to the rest of Europe!


Anyone can win this competition…male, female, senior, high handicapper or scratch golfer of any nationality.